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Product Introduction

999 Single Chinese Herbal Extracts are pure TCM product series manufactured with TCM decoction pieces that are in conformance to preparation standards by modern pharmaceutical technologies through simulating home decoction, concentrating, separating, drying, granulating and packaging. These products maintain the same active ingredients, property and flavor, function and efficacy with the TCM decoction pieces. Indeed, they are solidified ‘decoctions’.

Comparison between 999 Single Chinese Herbal Extracts and TCM Decoction Pieces

TCM Decoction Pieces 999 Single Chinese Herbal Extracts
Medicinal Material Control The quality is easily affected by species, origins, harvest seasons, quality grades, subsequent processes, storage and transportation environments, preparations and other factors. The medicinal material quality of different species, different grades, different origins and different specifications is uneven. CR Sanjiu controls the quality from source. It goes to the farmland of high-quality raw medicinal materials for centralized purchasing. The quality is fully guaranteed through strict quality inspection.
Carrying and Storage The volume is large and it is inconvenient to carry and store. The requirement on storage and transportation environment is high. Some varieties are easy to go mouldy, go bad or be damaged by vermin and rats, which will affect the efficacy. The volume is small and it is well sealed, with the shelf life of more than 3 years. It is easy to carry and store and fit for business travelers, tourists, troops, students, officer workers, disables and so on.
Decocting Method The medicinal materials are needed to be soaked before use. Moreover, people need to choose decoction first or decoction later, slow fire or strong fire, water amount, decocting container, decocting time and so on according to the property of the medicinal materials. It wastes time and energy, and lacks objective criteria. The extraction method is selected according to the property of medicinal materials, which ensures the extraction of active ingredients.
The product is just needed to be dissolved with warm water before use. The dose is small and the utilization rate is high. Moreover, it is safe and convenient.
Utilization Rate As for the traditional decocting method at home, the utilization rate is low (for instance, the fat soluble ingredients are hard to be extracted and the volatile oils volatilize at high temperature). On the one hand, it causes a lot of invisible wastes, on the other hand, the clinical efficacy is not guaranteed. The products are manufactured at GMP workshops. The active ingredients are extracted according to the property of herbs at different
times, temperatures and pH values. The overwhelming majority of active ingredients of medicinal materials are extracted and concentrated in
the granules. The utilization rate of medicinal materials is high.
Clinical Efficacy The traditional medication pattern and the non-standardization and non-objectification of TCM decoction pieces lead to unstable and imprecise clinical efficacy. The same therapy and therapeutic principle may have different therapeutic effects. It makes important contributions to TCM clinic and provides the standardized and objectified treatment. For basic research and clinical practice, the scientific research reliability and efficacy stability are both guaranteed.
Application Status ● It is impossible to meet the timely medication demands of a large number of patients and emergency patients.
● Patients can only take the medicine on the second day after the prescription.
● It wastes time and energy to decoct.
● Although the patients are less on holidays and festivals, it is still need to arrange staff to decoct.
● In foreign countries, the medication pattern of traditional decocting method is not accepted.
● The product can be used just after dissolution. It can be used as medicines for rescuing emergencies.
● It can be widely used in various clinical departments. It can be taken orally, used for fuming and washing, clystering and wet compressing or used as patches.
● It is especially fit for the basically defined prescriptions of hospitals.
● It is suitable for special populations whose self-care capability is poor.
● It satisfies the medication need of officer workers, students, migrant labors, business travelers and tourists. It creates conditions for
the globalization of TCM.