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Ganoderma licidum spore oil sofgel-灵芝孢子油


标志性成分及含量: 每100g含:灵芝三萜22.6g

Package: 0.4g/Capsules*30 Capsules

This product contains 22.6g(0.79oz) of Ganoderma Triterpenoids per 100g(3.53oz)

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疗效确切: 临床疗效


“999灵芝孢子油软胶囊” 保留并提高了灵芝的有效成份:三萜类灵芝酸、不饱和脂肪酸、有机锗以及灵芝多糖等,并将其有效抑制肿瘤成分灵芝三萜酸含量提升到43mg/g,显著提高人体对灵芝有效成分的生物利用度,保证其疗效确切。

“999灵芝孢子油软胶囊”能真正“启动”人体免疫细胞, 抗击肿瘤, 增强放化疗杀伤肿瘤细胞的效果, 明显减轻放化疗的毒副作用!其抗肿瘤的功效比破壁孢子粉高20倍,比普通孢子粉高40倍,比上等赤灵芝高1000倍!

“999灵芝孢子油软胶囊” 改善慢性病患者症状,对于高血压、高血脂、高血糖、肝功能等异常者,能减轻疾病症状、增强机体功能。日常保健服用,5天内可感觉体力显著增强,睡眠质量改善;长期服用皮肤恢复光泽,面色红润,让体质虚弱者重新焕发青春活力!


999 Ganoderma Lucidum spore oil is a new generation of immunization proactivator by using advanced processing and abstracting facilities, such as low-temperature abstraction, ultracentrifuge abstraction, and overcritical carbon dioxide abstraction. Fully utilizing the magic curative effect of Ganoderma Lucidum which is highly regarded by the Chinese traditional medicine, this product can be used not only as a subsidiary treatment of cancers, but used as an every-day drug for longer life and fitness. Best Quality Merits such as Scenic Habitat, High-quality Culture, Purity, Advanced Technology, and Easy Absorbency make it popular with customers of all ages!

Ingredients: 100% Ganoderma Lucidum Spore oil

Usage & Dosage:

For Chemotherapy and X-ray therapy, severe liver impairment, surgical procedures or viral condition: Tow capsules each time, three times a day.

For Malignant diseases, particularly breast and prostate, difficult blood sugar control, Coronary heart disease, Intellectual and physical exertion: Two capsules each time, two times a day, in the morning and in the evening.

For daily healthcare: One or tow capsules a day, in the morning.

Package: 0.4g/Capsules*30 Capsules

Clinical Trial:

“ 999 Ganoderma Lucidum spore oil ” retains and enhances the effective ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum: Ganoderma triterpene acids, unsaturated fatty acids, organic germanium, and Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides and elevated its effective inhibition of tumor ingredient Ganoderma triterpene acid content to 43mg / g, significantly improving the bioavailability of elements of the the Ganoderma lucidum to ensure that its curative effect.

“999 Ganoderma Lucidum spore oil soft capsule” fight against cancer by activating the immunity cells in human body, and can increase the curative effect of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and reduce the side effects caused hereby. Antineoplastic effect of this product is 20 times higher than that of cell-wall-cracked spore powder and 40 times higher than conventional spore powder and 1000 times higher than red Ganoderma Lucidum!

“999 Ganoderma Lucidum spore oil soft capsule” can improve the symptoms of chronic illness. Relieve symptoms of hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperglycemia and hepatic dysfunction. Every-day use for fitness, this capsule can bring about obvious increase of physical strength and quality sleep within five days. Long-term use can give the skin brightness and blush. Physically weak people can be energetic and youthful again!